The new Bask collection from Bofred.
The new Bask collection from Bofred.
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When Bofred’s Bask collection was unveiled the other day, we were completely in awe. Taking their cue from what “home” means to creators Christa Botha and Carla Erasmus, the pieces are a nostalgic nod to their roots: Durban and Oman.

Bask is a collection of seven pieces, ranging from a sophisticated and sculptural side table to a glamorous brass wall light. The collection is characterised by hearty, raw textures, such as honed travertine, sandstone, concrete, beaten brass and solid wood, all in the brand’s telltale sculptural language, and in warm and natural tones. Curves abound in various forms and lend the line an expressive, graphic quality.

Our favourites include:

1. The Bahla Chair, named after the Omani fortress town with its crenellated mud architecture. The chair’s tribal form and dark-stained wood make for a dramatic combo. It’s a conversation piece, without doubt.

2. We love the Wadi Side Table, in travertine or sandstone, for its arched base and the warmth and detail present in its solid-stone materiality.

3. We also covet the Natal Floor Lamp for its playfulness. It’s both understated in colour and texture and bold, due to its oversized scale, standing at 1.5m.

They might have been creating and curating for just five years but we love what comes out of Botha and Erasmus’s studio. Their products include furniture, lighting and accessories, all with an experimental approach to form and a love of honest materials and handcrafted details. Glance at their collections and you’ll quickly see that geometry features prominently.

By way of subtle references — the feel, the colour or the silhouettes of the places in which they’ve lived — the pair has captured the very essence of “home”, without resorting to themes or overt statements. It’s an emotive and memory-driven collection, in a league of its own.

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