Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly
Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly
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Ed's Letter | Menswear is having a moment

The spring 2019 menswear shows have just come to an end in Europe and there is a palpable sense of relief that elegance has remained a staple silhouette. Make no mistake, the street-wear trend that has been sweeping fashion for the past few years is in no way receding. The fashion world has changed forever: trainers can and must be worn with everything and a younger generation is driving the fashion conversation.

With Kim Jones taking the helm at Dior and Virgil Abloh’s debut at Louis Vuitton, there was an expectation that the young ones may use their new platform to shake Europe’s oldest fashion houses to their core.

There was moving and shaking but there was a discernable maturity and respect for the brand and taking it forward.

As noted Italian fashion commentator Angelo Flaccavento said, there was no splattering of logos, and skinny tailoring has been killed off at Dior. What was presented in its place was continuity of some of the world’s leading fashion brands, while at the same time pushing that envelope when it came to concept and silhouette — in an elegant sort of a way.

Jones has been quoted as saying that menswear should adhere to the couture rules of fashion, paying enormous attention to detail and delivering the highest quality, always.

I’m sure this is music to many ears, who have tired of the dominance of slouchy streetwear that has been making it presence felt in recent times. Look out for our ode to sporty tailoring in our menswear shoot.

PS — This month, I have agreed to take a pledge to stop using single-use plastic shopping bags. Bravo to twyg, The Two Oceans Aquarium and The Beach Co-op for driving this initiative. Just search videos on our plastic oceans and you’ll know why this campaign is a no-brainer. Please join me. #rethinkthebag


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