With more than 17 years at Investec, Natalie Phillips is passionately dedicated to the firm and her clients who place their trust in her hands everyday. The relationship between her, her client base and her team has been built and nurtured over many years. Phillips has a firm grasp of her industry and its uncertain, competitive nature, where one lives and dies by one’s investment performance.

Natalie Phillips
Natalie Phillips

 She believes that presenting oneself in a way that is professional and 
sophisticated, with a unique feminine approach, is the answer to earning respect and trust in a role that involves serving high-level clients. Her team are the custodians of some of the largest retirement schemes in the country and it is their nimble, dynamic, global and strategic approach that has kept their clients coming back. The same can be said for Phillips’s approach to fashion: she learnt from a young age while watching her mother care for two pairs of Ferragamo shoes for over a decade, that quality and care go a long way.


Her classic black shoes are also Ferragamo, a brand she chooses as it reminds her of those lessons. Always opting for good-quality basics and rather selecting bags, shoes or jewellery that pull a story together, Phillips loves to play with the subtle relationship between different fabrics. Today she has teamed a silk shirt from Trenery with a soft waffle blazer from Zara in the same shade but in contrasting textures. She swears by the fit of her Trenery black trousers and loves their unfussy lines that allow her to add edge with accessories.


When she is not working, Phillips can be found kayaking and fishing with her partner off the West Coast, afterwards making dishes with cob and mussels they’ve found and combining them with lemongrass, coconut and a fresh baguette. She is in love with Cape Town and finds it the most dynamic and exciting city to be in. Jason’s on Bree Street is her spot of choice for excellent coffee and an egg and sundried tomato brioche. Her favourite restaurant is Hallelujah on Kloof Nek Road for  lobster rolls and Pinot Noir.

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