Rolex Bienne site
Rolex Bienne site
Image: Rolex / Remy Lidereau

Rolex closed its Sandton offices in June after 27 years at SA’s business hub. Before that, the Rolex Watch Company (SA) had opened in 1948 in the centre of Johannesburg.

The closure is due to local markets and conjuncture having evolved and no longer warranting the presence of an official Rolex affiliate. The brand however remains committed to the development of the SA market.

Rolex will continue to provide after-sales services in SA, staying true to its watch-servicing tradition and philosophy.

From July, the brand’s partner The Vault will take over and centralise all maintenance and servicing activities for the country’s other official Rolex retailers.

The Rolex Authorized Service Centre will continue operating at the same address in Johannesburg, and with the same watchmakers known to the customers. Through its expertise and resources, The Vault team will uphold Rolex’s high-quality standards for the entire market and will continue the brand’s long-term dedication to watch servicing excellence.

Many openings

In addition to being active in the region through its official retailer network, Rolex will drive customer in-store experience to new heights with a series of projects that the brand will roll out countrywide throughout 2025.

In Johannesburg, Rolex will open a 200m2 boutique in Sandton City with its partner Shemer. Scheduled for opening in the second quarter of 2025, this will be Rolex’s first mono brand store in SA and will be located within the Diamond Walk, alongside other international luxury brands.

Watchmaking and servcing excellence at Rolex
Watchmaking and servcing excellence at Rolex
Image: Rolex / Jean-Daniel Meyer

Simultaneously, official retailer and long-time brand partner Charles Greig will overhaul its store in Hyde Park to include a new 65m2 Rolex shop-in-shop, which will also open in the second quarter of 2025.

In Cape Town, Rolex will open a boutique at Charles Greig’s address in the V&AWaterfront in late 2025. Another official retailer, Van Deijl Jewellers, signed an agreement with Tyger Valley Shopping Centre to increase its store footage, which will allow Rolex to develop a new 70m2 shop-in-shop.

Rolex will also be spreading its retail footprint to Durban, where its partner The Vault will open a 60m2 corner in Umhlanga Arch.

Introducing certified pre-owned programme

Importantly, 2025 will see the Rolex certified pre-owned (RCPO) programme introduced in SA. Launched in 2022, the programme offers the opportunity to buy genuine second-hand Rolex watches guaranteed by the brand. These watches benefit from the quality criteria inherent to all Rolex products and from the full know-how and professionalism of the brand’s worldwide network of experts. SA will be Rolex’s first African market to provide RCPO watches.

The transfer of the after-sales service, the upcoming boutique projects with its official retailers and the launch of the RCPO programme will be significant Rolex milestones in the country.

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