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Almost a century ago in Italy, passionate craftsman Massimo Moraglione began working as an apprentice jeweller. After running his own business for a few years, he joined his brothers Pierino and Marco in 1950. Massimo, a goldsmith, was mainly in charge of production, while Pierino, a gem setter and engraver, was in charge of seeking sales, and Marco sourced the precious stones. Today Moraglione is still a close-knit family business. While it has transitioned from more classic jewellery to lines inspired by contemporary design, what hasn’t changed is the perfect selection and setting of precious stones. As South Africa celebrates summer, what could be a nicer treat than a little piece from the Madame Butterfly Collection, in which the movements of the delicate creatures are captured in different sizes and poses on the finest pieces?

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 From the November edition of Wanted, 2021.

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