Tiffany & Co's Ultimate Advent Calendar.
Tiffany & Co's Ultimate Advent Calendar.

While several brands have been creating Advent calendars for adults (featuring everything from beauty to home décor and even fashion) for several years now, Tiffany & Co. will be making a splash this fall with a prestigious boxed set containing no fewer than 24 precious creations in silver, gold, and even diamonds. The exceptional, (very) limited-edition set will be available in a selection of the famous jeweler's stores.

This holiday season will be synonymous with elegance, prestige, and enchantment at Tiffany & Co. which is offering, for the first time in its 182-year history, a very exclusive Christmas catalogue featuring creations and experiences that should delight the luxury house's fans.

Besides the jeweler's latest creations, which will obviously be highlighted for the Holidays, a selection of completely surprising and exceptional gifts will also be put to the forefront. A customized ring, an Indian Motorcycle Co. motorcycle, a handcrafted silver greenhouse, and even a trip to Kenya with The Great Adventure are among the unusual selection's most precious gifts.

A select few will count down the days while waiting to find out what's under the tree with the first Advent calendar created by Tiffany & Co., a 120-cm tall boxed set that celebrates the mythical Fifth-Avenue boutique with a selection of precious pieces such as a silver goblet, a gold bracelet, and a diamond-encrusted rose-gold pendant.

Obviously, such luxury does not come cheap. Interested buyers should expect to pay $112,000 for this uncommon creation made in a very limited run.

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