Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Pig.
Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Pig.
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The Year of the Pig completes the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. Next year marks the end of a cycle that can only be described as rough and off the charts. The previous Year of the Pig was in 2007. That ‘golden pig’ marked the beginning of the crisis in the US subprime mortgage market, which led to the full-blown market crash of 2008. Despite some analysts predictions of an imminent second financial crisis, the pig is supposed to be a very lucky animal in Chinese horoscopes so let’s hope we find no reason to disagree.

When it comes to global politics and business, it’s expected that participants would be dynamic in their thinking and actions but when it comes to fashion, it’s unfortunately still very much about fitting in. When it comes to ties, it’s red or blue. Thanks largely to Madiba, South African’s are far braver and more experimental, with boardrooms and parliament both alive with a kaleidoscope of cultural and high street fashion statements expressing individuals’ attitudes and style. Note Trump’s red ties this year? The colour red is believed to give protection to Dogs in the Year of the Dog but let’s see how compatible Dog and Pig really are in 2019. In Trump-speak, next year is going to be ‘big, very big’ as he continues negotiations on tariffs with the Chinese.

There are five types of pig: wood, fire, earth, gold, water. We’ve an earthy, ‘communicative’ piglet heading our way in 2019. He is said to be a popular little chap who is respectful of others and who is always on time. The pig is then the most appropriate animal to make it onto the dial of the Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac collection.

The foliage motif etched on the dial is inspired by traditional Jianzhi paper cutting techniques and based on classic Chinese iconography. The delicate relief pattern is then enameled by hand in multiple layers to accentuate the bronze-toned dial. Driven by the Calibre 2460 G4 movement, the hands-free time display maximises the artist’s work surface. Four apertures reveal hours, minutes, days and dates and allow the hand-engraved pink gold pig to take centre stage. The 40mm case and dial are in pink gold and comes on a brown American ‘Mississippiensis’ alligator leather strap.

Limited to a series of 12 pieces per colour, it is also available in platinum with blue detailing.

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