Veronica Anderson
Veronica Anderson
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Your sister will always be your best friend. You can’t imagine life before your daughter. Your niece gets more and more adorable. And your aunt is an inspiration. You’re surrounded by wonderful women in your life and you feel really grateful for all of them. Until it comes to the family jewels that is. You’ve had your eye on specific pieces for as long as you can remember and you simply won’t stand for anyone else inheriting what you’ve been dreaming would one day become yours.

Does this sound familiar? Jewellery has the power to carry generations of sentimental value and the simple notion of inheriting family jewels is an age-old tradition. One person that understands this all too well is jewellery expert, Veronica Anderson. ‘My most treasured piece of jewellery is my grandmother’s engagement ring’, she says, ‘it was made in 1920, and it still looks fabulous. I’ve worn this ring since I was 18 and it has garnered even more history in my care, having been stolen in a hijacking in 1996, and then coming back into my life a year later after having been through a very dodgy dealer’s hands.’

‘It’s the attention to detail that I love the most about antique jewellery. You can tell that pieces were made carefully and without undue haste,’ says Anderson and perhaps she’s right. With the rise of fashion jewellery, maybe we’ve forgotten that jewellery should be made to last for generations, making those family heirlooms even more coveted.

It’s this thought process that has inspired Veronica Anderson’s latest jewellery range. ‘This new collection of contemporary jewellery has been inspired by the classic and iconic designs of the past, drawing inspiration from archetypal jewels from three different centuries,’ Anderson explains. With exceptional quality vintage-inspired jewellery still out there, you may not have to fight your future-sister-in-law for the heirlooms any longer. And maybe you end up with Granny’s awful brooch? Fear not, Veronica Anderson has been known to transform an old brooch into an engagement ring!

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