Calvin Klein's essential and sophisticated jewellery collection
Calvin Klein's essential and sophisticated jewellery collection
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As freeing as it sounds to declutter, I have come to terms with the fact that I am simply not a minimalist. Put my love for bright colours and prints aside, I have attached way too much sentimental value to the numerous clutches and handbags that I own.

Don’t even get me started on my bathroom cabinet. Having been a beauty editor (in what feels like a previous life), I have been showered with products that I can’t let go of until I eventually get around to testing them. I’ve also tried the whole nineties-slip-dress-on-a-night-out thing and it felt much too boring so I had to team it with metallic heels and an obnoxiously printed bomber jacket.

Habits of a true minimalist, however, are easy to spot. Firstly, they’re likely to have an empty garage that houses only a shiny black car. They probably share some link on Facebook about ‘living with 100 things’ at least once a week and you’ll never hear them say words like ‘trinket’ or ‘souvenir’. I’m willing to bet they’re also that annoying friend who actually pulls off effortlessly cool without even thinking about it.

On the other side of Gucci’s year of full-blown maximalism, Calvin Klein has truly kept minimalism alive and well. Their latest jewellery collection is testament to this. Described by the fashion house as ‘essential’ and ‘sophisticated,’ the Calvin Klein Outline Collection is practically a call to the minimalist dream. But there’s something so modern and intriguing about this line of jewellery, whether they wanted to or not, I think the brand has created a collection with universal appeal. Perhaps it’s the pink and yellow gold PVD that will speak to the magpie maximalists while the stainless items are for the Calvin Klein purists.

I will certainly be wearing this new Calvin Klein Outline collection, although I may layer a few items because I’ve finally made peace with the fact that I’m no minimalist.

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