La D de Dior timepiece
La D de Dior timepiece
Image: Supplied

With the release of the new La D de Dior product videos, we can’t help but feel inspired, even if it is just to take up finger-painting again. These unexpected clips show the most graceful hands performing what can only be described as a combination of ballet and primary school art. And while one gets sucked into the graceful motions performed by the world’s most talented hand models, your eyes are expertly drawn to the new La D de Dior timepieces in all their grace.

La D de Dior was first created in 2003, with a 70s-design inspiration, originally for the woman who borrows her man’s watch to ensure that she always thinks about him. Since then, there’s been no expense spared in the making of this collection with materials like gold, diamonds and ornamental stones a-plenty.

Another distinguishing factor for La D Dior? High voltagecColour! The collection pays tribute to Christian Dior’s passion for colour while staying true to Victoire de Castellane’s (French jewellery designer and creative director of Christian Dior’s fine jewellery division) taste for contrast. Naturally, her knack for creating the unexpected can be found throughout Dior jewellery.

See the La D de Dior video here:

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