It might seem a little early to be talking about Chinese New Year but with our’s just around the corner and many wishing it was sooner, all eyes are on 2018. This year has been both economically and politically brutal so there is no better time to usher in the year of mans’ best friend. Some unconditional loving would go a long way. Much has been written on the positive effects of pet ownership – particularly dogs – on emotional, cognitive, educational, behavioral and social development, especially among children. The best people I know grew up around animals.

Our relationship with domesticated dogs dates back to about 9000 years ago, according to research published in a New York Times article this week. “Archaeologists exploring rock engravings in the Saudi desert have found what they say may be the earliest depictions of human-canine companionship.” Canine companions are also associated with longer lives and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, according to another report

Symbolically, the rooster represents the epitome of fidelity and punctuality, confidently saluting the dawn with puffed-out chest. For 2017, Ulysse Nardin’s limited edition decorative Year of the Rooster Classico 40mm featured a rather fierce looking version of the fowl. The rooster brought with it a promise to chase away the demons and if Bob Mugabe was its only achievement, this proud bird can step down gracefully as we usher in our canine friend.

Classico Collection: Year of the Dog timepiece
Classico Collection: Year of the Dog timepiece
Image: Supplied

To celebrate the eleventh in the 12-year cycle, the Swiss manufacture has added to the Classico Collection with a lively looking creature on its Year of the Dog timepiece.  Limited to 88 pieces, the watch is powered by the UN-815 self-winding mechanical movement with COSC certification. It is also water resistant to 50m and has a power reserve of 42 hours. Set in a 40mm 18-karat gold case and clearly aimed at the Asian market, the artist has brought an affectionate looking Akita- or Shiba Inu-esque dog to life through the rare Grand Feu Champlevé enameling technique, which involves delicate carving into the dial surface to further enhance the decoration.

Intelligent and hard-working, brave, generous and loyal, the canine is the good friend the world needs in its heart and by its side right now. Maybe even on the wrist. Listed at €39800.

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