Before she was  dubbed Africa’s  Marissa Mayers by, Rapelang Rabana hit the ground running right after completing her business science 
degree (University of Cape Town) by co-founding Yeigo, a Cape Town-based start-up that developed some of the earliest mobile VoIP applications. Since then her entrepreneurial  streak has shown no signs of slowing.

Rapelang Rabana
Rapelang Rabana
Image: Karl Rogers

Having graced the cover of Forbes Africa before the age of 30 and being named Entrepreneur for the World 2014 by the World Entrepreneurship Forum, she is already onto the next innovative idea with the launch of Rekindle Learning. In 2013 Rabana founded Rekindle Learning.

“Rekindle provides learning and performance support tools that improve the 
efficiency with which we learn and reduce time to competency, thereby ensuring higher workforce productivity and ultimately enabling young people to be more employable,“ she explains. “I believe in the use of the internet and mobile technology to bring transformative change and accelerate development.“

Rekindle Learning has been profiled as a “striking innovation” in the Lions go Digital report by McKinsey. Rapelang believes that “Africa must leapfrog the education and skills gap if it is to emerge as a global leader – this is where technology is critical in shifting our paradigm of thought and fostering new
ways to build functional competency in shorter time.” Rabana also finds time to serve as the chairwoman of Moro Group, an ICT and payment services group, and also Generation Ubuntu, an NGO providing holistic care to children living with HIV.

Coupled with her World Economic Forum accolade of 15 Women Changing the World in 2015, Rabana also sits on the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council for Software and Society as well as the Global Knowledge Networks Advisory Board. “I navigate a myriad corporate and non-profit worlds, so keeping things quietly elegant ensures I’m never unapproachable, just always polished.”

Rabana Wears

She doesn’t follow trends, favouring a timeless look, such as the pictured cobalt blue dress by UK designer Reiss. “I value good tailoring and comfort. A good fit is hard to find, whichis why this is one of my favourite dresses. For 
comfort, I love this pair of shoes, I can be in them all day.” Although she swears by a simple aesthetic, Rabana always stands out for her use bold accessories, such as the golden obi band belt which elevates a classic look to one that compels a second glance.

Rabana Recommends

Role model? My mum and dad.

Favourite drink? Cape Point Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc Reserve.

Favourite restaurant? Overture in the Cape winelands, Bertus is a talented chef, I’m always impressed.

Style tip? It’s invaluable to remain authentic to yourself. 

Ultimate Indulgence? I love food and wine, so occasionally I’ll have dinner at a top 10 restaurant in the world as a treat to myself.  

Secret to success? Self-discovery is the most  accessible route to success. Life is meant to be lived inside out, not outside in.

July 2015

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