Behind the Wall, Catheryne Gaeyla’s Hyde Park showroom, is as much about her unique personality as it is about the high-end fashion brands she brings to our shores.

Catherine Gaeyla
Catherine Gaeyla
Image: Annalize Nel

The one indulgence I’ll never forgo is… Luxury.

The grooming staple I am never without… is my blond upkeep thanks to my hairdresser.

My all-time favourite gadget is… My iPad. It keeps me connected with business, friends, the internet and the world.

The single object I would never part with is… My children’s photo albums – reconnecting me to the past, and how fast time has passed.

My favourite drink is… Sin Pellegrino water, as my daughter says.

The restaurant I frequent most often is… Tashas in Hyde Park for its proximity and for never being disappointed. Have you tried their new menu?

Your personal style signifier? Chiarra Ferragni. Her inspiring shoes, which we are
now importing. They put a smile on your face.

The last thing you bought and loved? A leather-bound collection of French classics.

Your favourite timepiece and why? A Dior le Grand Bal.

    My favourite 
       city will
     always be
    Paris for its
  history and charm

An unforgettable place you’ve travelled to in the past year? Malta, for its mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. It’s as if time has stood still and you’ve been transported to past centuries.

The book on your bedside table? The pile next to my bed! 1. I am That – Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. 2. The Eternities Vedanta. 3. Van Gogh. I am leaving for Amsterdam in July and love to research before I go. 4. Veranda – The Art of  Outdoor Living by Lisa Newsom.

The last meal that truly impressed you? My outrageous craving for a toasted cheese and tomato on white bread, absolute decadence with a hot cappuccino from Tashas.

The last music you downloaded? I don’t download, I like to support movie houses and music shops. I have just bought the new remastered version of Maria Callas.

The thing you are eyeing next? The vision of my shopping space…  The destination “Behind the Wall”.

The one thing you will always find in your fridge? Chocolate. (Don’t tell the doctor).

The best gift you’ve given recently? A surprise 60th birthday party for my partner. The theme was a white butterfly in a secret garden and everyone came dressed in white. A gourmet cruise in July to Greece. The fine art of gaining those kilos you lost before the trip…

The place that inspires you and why? My showroom in Hyde Park. The reward of your faithful clients’ appreciation and trust when it comes to the beauty of the exclusive pieces chosen through the multiple collections we have to offer, enhanced by style and creativity creating a different eye to our daily world.

A recent special “find/discovery”? My builder Byron and his genius ideas.

The last item you added to your wardrobe? My Ermano Scervino puffy, cuddly, warm jacket.

Favourite city and why? Still and always will be Paris, for its tradition, history and old-fashioned charm.

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