Catarina Midby heads fashion and sustainability communication for the H&M group. She started out as an assistant buyer for H&M London, followed by a five-year stint as fashion editor for Elle in Stockholm. After eight years working as the fashion director for fashion and lifestyle brand Damernas Värld in Stockholm, Midby returned to H&M to head fashion PR and work on trend forecasting.

Midby explains that H&M really puts its money where its mouth is regarding 
recycling and sustainability. Climate impact is considered right from the beginning of the design process. The Garment Collecting initiative allows customers to drop off unwanted clothing at stores worldwide. These garments are recycled into fibres for new clothing as well as other products, eg: homewear and insulation.

H&M also works with the World Wildlife Fund to lower the climate impact on the production of raw products, and they predict that by 2020 all cotton they use will come from sustainable sources. Together with Unicef, H&M is involved with the fair wage initiative, which focuses on worker’s rights and working 
conditions. H&M engage with government, trade unions and factory owners and have found that overtime has come down and wages have gone up since H&M established its code of conduct for suppliers.


H&M Conscious Exclusive bomber jacket made of Tencel® (FSC certified eucalyptus cellulose produced in a closed-loop production process). T-shirt from H&M. Silk harem trousers from COS. Wedges from & Other Stories.


Who is your style icon? Carolyn Bessette- Kennedy dressed well in a natural, relaxed way. I also like Emmanuelle Alt of French Vogue. Favourite drink? Sauvignon Blanc and herbal teas. Favourite store? Fred Segal in Los Angeles. Favourite restaurant? Colony Grill at the Beaumont in London. Fragrance? Santa Maria Novella’s Rose. Designer? Prada. Style tip? Mix menswear with feminine pieces for a cool and personal look. Leisure travel? Italy.

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