New York street artist Bradley Theodore says he was once offered $10,000 for his paint-splattered pants.

Little wonder, then, that Puma has bet on the colourful blotches of fashion’s favourite pop artist for a new collection.

For Puma X BT, Bradley has splashed a limited edition of signature suede Puma sneakers with vibrant blues, pinks and reds with black as contrast. With Theodore most famous for his skull and skeleton renditions of fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour, a tiny skull adorns the heel of every sports shoe and of course each wearable work of art is signed by the artist.

Track pants and T-shirts have also been given the colourful splash treatment. So, even if you can’t get your hands on Theodore’s much-coveted artworks, at least you can feel what it’s like to live in those $10,000 pants!


As you’ll see from the new fashions pouring into the shops for summer, we’re in for a rather bright season!

Little wonder then that the good folk at Hermès have reinvented the iconic Arceau timepiece, in four super bright colours: blue, green, yellow and red.

The original designer of the Arceau watch, in 1978, Henri D’Origny, was regarded as something of a rebel then – revisiting the aesthetic codes of a round watch. He shrugged off any need for symmetry and created mismatched lugs for attaching the strap, inspired by the shape of horse stirrups. For a very horsey brand, Hermès certainly knows how to dial up the style quotient.


If there’s one person who is certified not afraid of colour, that is Kirsten Goss. I’ve always been a fan of the Durban-bred but Cape Town-based jewellery designer – she’s fearless and clever and her jewellery is gorgeous beyond measure. The new summer collection, called Wildcard, is an irreverent mix of organic and geometric shapes – always with a healthy dose of colour when the stones are introduced.

Kirsten Goss' new range: Wildcard
Kirsten Goss' new range: Wildcard
Image: Supplied


I do love a good collaboration and none has been more delightful than Trenery working with rug designer Nkuli Mlangeni of The Ninevites – raising the profile of this brilliant design studio even more. The Ninevites won The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa award at the Design Indaba last year and each rug they create is more striking than the last. As one reviewer said, Mlangeni successfully weaves together the past and the present, with her passion to preserve an ancient tradition using modern technology and her own design inspiration.

The salmon, sage and slat-coloured rug created by The Ninevites for Trenery, was done in collaboration with a women’s weaving collective in Prince Albert in the Karoo and cleverly represents the key colours for the Trenery spring collection. The rug can be viewed at Trenery in Sandton, where table napkins in the same colours are on limited release.

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