The new Cactus de Cartier
The new Cactus de Cartier
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South African artist Porky Hefer heads to Design Miami/Basel next week, taking with him yet another collection of exotic beasts – and these ones are just a naptime dream!

The artist’s new collection includes an orangutan, a polar bear, a sloth, a blue whale, and a great white shark – all endangered species making up a design story commissioned on behalf of the Leonardo di Caprio Foundation (LDF) for conservation.

Titled Endangered, the pods were produced using eco-friendly and recycled materials that have been hand-worked by artisans in Cape Town. Hefer worked closely with textile artist Ronel Jordaan and craft collectives Heart Works and Mielie to create his giant, tactile sculptures whose surfaces have been crocheted, felted, stitched and embroidered with unique embellishments.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Porky on this exciting project, and we appreciate his creativity and commitment to helping us find new ways to engage the public on issues impacting wildlife,” said Terry Tamminen, CEO of LDF.

“This exhibition will raise awareness about the importance of protecting endangered species around the world. Understanding our impact on the environment is a pressing issue, and we hope this exhibition and others like it will encourage people everywhere to consider making small changes toward a sustainable environment.”

Says Hefer: “It’s the future of the next generation that I am concerned about and the state of the world they inherit. Looking after our animals and earth is one thing but also the preservation of human skills, crafts and traditions.”

“I think it’s important to show what beauty humans are capable of with their hands, rather than the destructive mass production that technology is driving the modern consumerist society towards.”

Hefer’s new works will be available for sale in a limited edition of three per animal through Southern Guild gallery, with 25% of the sale’s proceeds supporting LDF’s wildlife conservation programmes.

Endangered is presented by SFA Advisory and Southern Guild on behalf of the Leonardo di Caprio Foundation.


Cartier has launched a new, super-wearable, Cactus de Cartier collection featuring a daring collection of colourful cactus-inspired pieces.

Combining the light green tones of chrysoprase with navy lapis lazuli and sparkling diamonds, makes for a unique collection of luxury design that can also be worn every day. For those who don’t much like the blue and green option, there are also cactus rings, earrings and pendants in gold and diamonds – some with a moody deep green touch of aventurine.
The entire collection is deeply stylish and the cactus connection is sure to be a hit in the hotter climates.


The name Podernuovo a Palazzone doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as the name Bulgari, but the newest wine import from southern Tuscany in Italy is certain to be on everyone’s lips when wine aficionado’s find out about it.

When Giovanni Bulgari – yes, the heir to Italy’s most famous high jewellery dynasties – decided to go farming, we’re prepared to bed it didn’t happen by half measures. The wine was introduced to Johannesburg this past weekend at a jewel-studded affair, obviously! Watch your favourite wine list for more!


The 2018 Ben Sherman collection takes inspiration from the bohemian and psychedelic movements of the 1960s. Embracing the effortless style and flamboyance of the 1960s Peacocks, a moniker given to those men who pioneered a distinct and colourful dress sense, the collection sees traditional patterns given a contemporary twist for the modern man.

With Ben Sherman’s heritage and love of music, the collection gives a nostalgic nod to the music and iconic festival posters of the 60s. Sharp, warped patterns are teamed with classic stripes and checks that are given an irregular twist. Tailoring is soft and relaxed creating a contemporary silhouette that is still reflective of the season’s psychedelic inspiration.


Never mind 2018, next year’s European summer is set to be INSANE, if Gucci’s Alessandro Michele has anything to do with it. The Independent in the UK described it as having been inspired by “a rave in a cemetry,” probably because the site in Paris where the show was held, was an ancient Roman burial site. The designer who defies categorisation, and who’s irreverant take on luxury has the rest of the world trying to play catch up, created a look that is part imperial, part military, part clerical, part boho but 100% rock ‘n roll.

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