You have to hand it to the folk at PPC Cement. The art and design Imaginarium Awards have, over the past few years, created an entirely new category in the world of creativity – using the most basic building material of all.

Who knew that jewellery and fashion, sculpture and even film, could find their expression in cement? This year’s winners have just been announced and I’ve been amazed by the winners in the fashion and jewellery category.

Gabrielle Foulis’ cement jacket and Aleks Ashton’s cement tiara are a testament to the soaring creativity in this country. A salute to the artists and to PPC for their very visionary imagination.


As a quartz watch wearer myself (I’ve had my steel Cartier tank for more years than I should mention and it’s a classic I will always love), I’ve noticed there’s a quiet quartz revival happening on the watch front. It might have something to do with the user-friendly price tag that comes with quartz. But I’m also noticing a focus on sophisticated styling and high performance that means this is one trend to watch.

The all black Newport Chronograph from the Michel Herbelin French Watchmaking Studio is a great example of what’s on offer: It’s a sporty watch with a seriously elegant look, completed by a rubberized leather strap and quartz technology that is taking affordable time keeping to another level.

Newport Chronograph from the Michel Herbelin
Newport Chronograph from the Michel Herbelin
Image: Supplied


The reviews aren’t out yet but I’ll definitely be booking for Carmen, the ballet, at the Joburg Theatre in the coming week. I simply love the opportunity to watch the stars of the Joburg ballet dance to a full, live orchestra – something that sadly doesn’t happen so often any more. The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra is doing the honours and I have no doubt that live musical accompaniment, combined with the tempestuous passion of the Carmen story, is going to make for a fabulous evening of art.


Who said writing’s going out of fashion? I’m seeing more and more people choosing to write rather than type and do it with style and flair. And acknowledging that the worlds of tech and touch need to live side by side, the designers at Cross pens have come up with a new range of ballpoints, in the metallic tones of your favourite smart phone. Look out for the Cross ATX Collection in brushed black, chic chrome and glam rose gold.


Is it my imagination, or is the whole world heading to Japan for their holidays? Judging from my Instagram feed, it’s certainly the destination of the moment!
Fashion designer Gavin Rajah has his design finger on the trend pulse with his new collection for @Home – featuring Japanese-inspired designs. The colours are muted black, navy and chartreuse, with a healthy dose of millennial pink.

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