The mating of the triplewart seadevil anglefish
The mating of the triplewart seadevil anglefish
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The number of metres below the ocean’s surface you’ll find the triplewart seadevil anglerfish. When mating, the males (1cm long) attach themselves to the females (30cm) and become permanently fused


The number of days it takes the bluehead wrasse fish to switch its sex from female to male. Around 500 species of fish can change sex.


The percentage of Mosuo women living in a matriarchal area in china who have high inflammation levels, compared to 8.3% of women in patrilineal societies. They are literally less irritated.

Male peacock spider
Male peacock spider
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The number of years that Hatshepsut (c. 1479-1458 BCE) ruled ancient Egypt as pharaoh. She led military expeditions and expanded trade, dressing as a man to help legitimise her rule.


The number of squid species that take part in same-sex sexual activity.


According to some estimates, the percentage of sheep rams that prefer to mate with male partners.


The minutes that male peacock spiders may dance in a foreplay display for their chosen female. She’ll either mate with him or kill him if his routine doesn’t impress.

Abissa Festival
Abissa Festival
Image: Kanaga Africa Tours


The number of days in October that the Abissa festival runs in Grand-bassam, Côte d’ivoire. During this time, the celebrating Nzema cross-dress, paint their faces, take part in celebratory processions, and must answer truthfully to any question put to them.


The decibels of the mating cry of the male white bellbird — equivalent to a bulldozer. They emit this cry right in front of the females, who do not seem to mind the noise.


The year until which female actors were prohibited from performing on the English stage. Male actors performed all female roles, in full regalia. 


The number of countries that forbid expressing transgender identities, such as men wearing their hair long (Malawi) or “imitating” a person of a different sex (Brunei & Oman).

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