Billlionaire Johann Rupert, founder and chairman of Cie Business of Luxury summit in Monaco in 2015.
Billlionaire Johann Rupert, founder and chairman of Cie Business of Luxury summit in Monaco in 2015.
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The range of circled numbers on the iconic labels of French luxury fashion house Maison Margiela, representing the capsule from which the item comes. It has never stated what each number means. However, fashion writers have deciphered the code — these are three examples: 3: Fragrances 10: Men’s main-line collection 22: Dedicated footwear collection.


The number of world records Sotheby’s African art auctions have broken since their inception in 2017. 

651 296

The number of Covid-19 tests used on Olympians at the 2020 Tokyo Games, of which just 151 were positive (0.02%). 

967 3000

The price in rand fetched at a Strauss & Co auction in September by a bottle of Grand Constance, from Groot Constantia — one of the remaining 12 bottles destined for Napoleon while he was in exile on Saint Helena. It’s double the price fetched in a sale in May this year.

19.1 bn

The amount by which Johann Rupert’s wealth has increased in the past year. The founder of Rand Merchant Bank and chair of the luxury-goods company Richemont and SA-based Remgro is now R21.2 million richer than his nearest South African competitor, Nicky Oppenheimer. 


The percentage by which foreign arrivals dropped in the first year of the pandemic, according to the 2020 Tourism Report by Statistics South Africa. 

57 and 234 

The height in storeys and metres of the Alto234 bar, on the top floor of The Leonardo in Joburg. 

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3 630 

The number of members of the Restaurant Association of South Africa (which represents over 11 000 restaurants) that it estimates have been forced to close due to the pandemic.


The number after which Google is named — the googol, which is a 1 followed by 100 zeroes.


The number of minutes that people are watching TV and/or streaming each day. This is an increase of 16% (or 47 minutes) on pre-Covid-19 numbers.

183 and 251

The respective rankings of the University of Cape Town, and Stellenbosch University and the University of the Witwatersrand concurrently, as determined by the World University Rankings, which assesses 1 662 universities from 99 countries, analysing 108 million citations from 14.4 million research papers.

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