Jana Hamman.
Jana Hamman.
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The one indulgence you would never forgo?

I’d love to be more original but, if I’m being honest, it’s coffee. More for the ritual and buying a few more minutes before work starts.

What are your essential lotions and potions?

A basic essential is SBR Repair Cream — a miracle for sensitive, difficult skin. Another favourite is Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant, as well as anything by new local luxury skincare brand ÚMÛ ÕRÅ.

What tech gadget couldn’t you live without?

My Fitbit — it tracks almost anything and is a constant, gentle reminder to sleep well, exercise, and meditate.

If you had to choose, what is the single-most sentimental object to you?

I have a big silver bracelet that my grandmother gave my mother, and inside she engraved her name, my mom’s name, and my name. My mom gave it to me and then asked for it back a week later, so it also seems to be her most sentimental item!

What is your drink of choice?

A Negroni.

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When you eat out, where do you go?

Tortellino D’Oro is a favourite for really great Italian food.

What single item in your wardrobe signifies your individual sense of style?

It’s probably a long, black, batwing Henrik Vibskov dress. It’s a statement piece, but at the same time low-key, comfortable, and easy wearing. I appreciate craftsmanship, non-mainstream designers and fashion, and form that follows function.

What is the last object that you bought that you instantly fell in love with?

Another jersey for my cat. I can’t help it — he doesn’t have a lot of hair and it was a ridiculous pink puffer jacket (he hates it).

A watch brand that you love?

I do love Rolex, but sadly don’t own one.

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The last place you travelled to that captured your heart?

Mexico is one of the most special places I’ve ever visited. It’s extremely cool and highly sophisticated.

What books are on your bedside table?

This has been the year of self-help reading for me — Moody by Amy Thomson, 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B Peterson, Breath by James Nestor, and Clean 7 by Alejandro Junger. Next up is The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk.

What is the last meal that really blew you away?

I ate the most delicately balanced, mouth-watering pasta dish, made by the biggest, loudest, roughest Belgian fisherman in Henties Bay in Namibia (who also happened to be a Michelin star chef).

Which musician really appeals to you at the moment?

I’ve always been into R&B, and lately I’ve been enjoying the sort of new-wave R&B/soul/hip hop/neo soul of local artists such as Muzi, Una Rams, and Elaine.

What’s next on your list of must-have items?

A scrambler or dual on-road/off-road motorbike so I can braaaaap into my old age.

What is the first thing you add to your grocery cart?


The best gift you’ve been given recently?

I got a massive bunch of flowers “from my cats” — flowers in your home always brighten up the day.

Guanajuato in Mexico.
Guanajuato in Mexico.
Image: Jorge Gardner/Unsplash

A gift that you’ve recently bought for someone?

I bought my business partner a pink MoccaMaster coffee machine — what could be better for a coffee addict?

What place inspires and rejuvenates you?

Being in the bush in Botswana.

An event that’s recently caught your attention?

This is a shameless plug, but I am a creative board member of Jägermeister’s Night Embassy campaign. The residencies of four chosen applicants will go live at the end of the year.

What was the last item that you added to your wardrobe?

A silver signet ring by local designer Steffany Roup.

Your favourite city in the world? Why?

This is too difficult — Mexico City? Lisbon? Tokyo? New York? I’m always happy to go anywhere new, and Accra is high on the list for next visits.

 From the October edition of Wanted, 2021.

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