Jezz Tibini, national brand ambassador for Glenfiddich.
Jezz Tibini, national brand ambassador for Glenfiddich.
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Jezz Tibini will not be pigeonholed. Yes, he’s the national brand ambassador for Glenfiddich, but he’s also so much more than that. A quantity surveyor, music producer and DJ, tech nerd, social entrepreneur and fashion icon with a huge interest in High-Renaissance art, he doesn’t do the expected. And neither does his current favourite whisky: Glenfiddich Grande Couronne. A 26 year old, this luxuriously opulent expression was matured in American and European oak casks, before enjoying an extended finish in meticulously sourced French cognac casks.

The latest addition to the Glenfiddich Grand Series, this astounding whisky is an unexpected marriage of two luxury worlds, a testament to the distillery’s innovative spirit and game-changing heritage. Tibini and Grande Couronne have a lot in common, so we sat him down and asked him to expand on his connection to this fantastic dram.

When we’re back to normal, what’s the perfect place for a Grande Couronne event?

The Bascule Lounge at the Cape Grace Hotel. It’s my whisky spiritual home in SA, with vast and rare collections, great ambience and views, and like-minded company.

You’re a music man. If this whisky were a tune, what would it be?

In 2003 I played my first set outside of my comfort zone and demographic. I’ve never looked back, as I learnt the importance of exploring and seeing the world out there. I received a standing ovation and further bookings. This whisky reminds me of that day. It reminds me of the first song that I played and how it set me colliding with a world I never thought existed. The song is That Night by Jazzanova featuring Vikter Duplaix.

Grande Couronne has a French touch. What do you love most about France?

I love shopping and dining in France, but I mostly love the tranquillity of the countryside and its hidden gems.

What food pairs well with Grande Couronne?

A macaron is the perfect pairing. It evokes the luxury French occasion as the sweet flavours complement the subtle cognac notes.

Glenfiddich Grande Couronne.
Glenfiddich Grande Couronne.
Image: Supplied

Tell us a secret about whisky that not many people know.

Whisky is the highest-rated alternative-commodity investment at the moment. Leave the luxury watches, cars and wines and invest in a Scotch barrel. You’ll thank me later.

Grande Couronne is a celebratory whisky. What kind of occasion is worthy of a bottle opening?

It’s definitely an expression to be uncorked at only the most majestic and meaningful of gatherings. It could be reconnecting with a long-lost friend, completing a personal project or reaching a milestone. Maybe even when you make the cover page, your song hits number one, or you launch a new venture. It’s good for a presidential inauguration or a simple birthday — any instance when you can crown the occasion, and the moment is yours.

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