Cartier (Sur)Naturel Source Nature Pierres Gravées Necklace in pink gold with rubellites, amethysts, garnets, onyx, and diamonds, POR.
Cartier (Sur)Naturel Source Nature Pierres Gravées Necklace in pink gold with rubellites, amethysts, garnets, onyx, and diamonds, POR.
Image: Judd van Rensburg

Ed's letter | The final countdown

At 23 and working as the most lowly of writers on Style magazine, I remember flipping through my parents’ copies of Wanted, thinking that it epitomised cool.

What its founding editor Gary Cotterell and his team did almost two decades ago when they exploded into the creative cosmos, adding it to the Business Day suite, was exciting and inspiring. The people, places, and ideas they featured — the cool cars, the big-time business types, the fashion shoots! For a small fry like me, it was a distant planet of undeniable glamour and smarts.

After two-and-a-half years of editing the magazine, I sometimes still get that feeling. The orbit of Wanted is one such that, no matter how old or fancy or jaded you might be, you cannot help but be dazzled by its surrounds. It is cosseted in a constellation of the finest luxury brands in the world — those from Richemont Luxury Goods and the Swatch group, Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and Rolex, by way of example. And their local equivalents like Everard Read, Strauss & Co, and Charles Greig too.

The Wanted galaxy also includes the most staggeringly impressive readers. Not a month goes by when I don’t receive feedback from some C-suite honcho, design cool kid, or retiree living the good life, to say they are fans or have years’ worth of back copies or — best yet — booked somewhere or bought something because they trust our recommendations.

LOOK | Page through the digital copy of Wanted's March issue (enlarge for easy viewing):

Add to that a rotation of the finest local and international journalists, photographers, and stylists, who contribute the most arresting and compelling content, and you get my gist: Wanted is a brand that always attracts those who shine the brightest.

As of next month I shall no longer be on the bridge of this particularly brilliant starship. I am propelling myself off on a different trajectory — to explore some uncharted corners of the universe. The downside? You shall be poorer where extended metaphors about space, and song-related puns, are concerned. The upside? I know the team will continue to serve up the uplifting, the covetable, and the incandescently chic.

I hope Wanted endures as your North Star in what can sometimes be a dark and gloomy sky. It will be mine where all things luxe and lovely and local are concerned. Equally, I know I will run into you on these pages again soon.

Till then though, let’s see what’s out there.

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