Mylockme chain pochette bag, R25,800, Louis Vuitton.
Mylockme chain pochette bag, R25,800, Louis Vuitton.
Image: Judd van Rensburg

Ed's letter | Looks like we made it

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it. Sure, I mean this in the success sense (this is Wanted after all), but what I’m actually referring to in this instance is survival. →

Through economic hellfire, virus fear, home schooling, white-knuckle angst about your business and thinking you may never again leave your property — never mind the country — you hung in there. It’s no small feat and one that, I say, needs a massive congratulations and blow-out of a celebration (yes, a responsible one, but you get the drift).

In fact, what I suggest is that you finish reading this mag, put the paper down and take the day off. Go out into the sun, pour yourself a G&T (it’s 12 o’clock somewhere), play a round of golf, call your mom for a big skinner — celebrate life.

And if Adrian, Patrice, Sim, or Koos ask why you’ve knocked off early and aren’t answering your mails, tell them I gave you permission. And expect them to follow suit.

Let’s all go and revel in the fact that we made it through this nightmare of a year and show gratitude for absolutely everything we have.

I am thankful for you, our readers, and I’m thankful for the most fantastic, loyal bunch of advertisers a brand could hope for. So many of both groups have become great friends of Wanted and are an integral part of our success.

I am thankful for my editorial and advertising teams, who blazed through the past eight months under the most extreme pressure. They worked from home, over many, many weekends, dealing with uncertainty, tight budgets, and a whole lot of stress. Yet they nailed it again and again.

LOOK | Page through the digital copy of Wanted's December issue (enlarge for easy viewing):

And then there’s the reason, I think, this magazine exists: my work wife, Yvonne Shaff. She gets the deepest appreciation of all. As our business manager she lives and breathes Wanted, and you have never met a more tenacious and passionate person, ever. This country would be guaranteed instant economic success if every company and government department had an Yvonne. In fact, I may have a word with Cyril about considering her in the next cabinet reshuffle.

Everyone I’ve mentioned above needs to pour themselves a big glass of champagne and pat themselves on the back — you’re all a complete bunch of mensches.

Now go and have a wonderful, relaxed, safe break with everyone you love. You deserve it.

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