Papama Mtwisha.
Papama Mtwisha.
Image: Ross Garrett

Essential potions? I’m obsessed with my prickly pear facial oil by Suki Suki Naturals. It’s the perfect product for my face for any climate, so it’s great for travel. I’m also never without shea butter.

Drink of choice? Laurent-Perrier Brut, no doubt. Since forever. It’s my perfect tipple for any occasion.

What is the most sentimental object to you? A string of pearls from Veronica Anderson was the first bespoke jewellery item that I ever got for myself many moons ago. Ordering it and getting it made made me feel very grown up at the time. I will probably gift it to one of my girls when they are old enough to appreciate it.

Reading? Conversations With God by by Neale Donald Walsch. I’m re-reading it for the fourth time. It gives me so much life every time I read it.

Top place to eat out? In Johannesburg, I love Culinary Table in Lanseria. They use the freshest seasonal ingredients from their garden at the back. The ambience is also very lovely. You could order anything from their menu and you won’t go wrong. In Cape Town, I love Hemelhuijs.

Watch brand you love? I’m a huge fan of the Dior watch range. I love how simple, yet complex in design, they can be. I gifted myself a diamond and sapphire watch about 13 years ago, and I still wear it to this day. It’s always the finishing touch, whether I’m dressed up or down.

Item of clothing you bought and instantly loved? I was recently working in Paris for a couple of weeks, and one Sunday I decided to spend the whole morning at an outside vintage market. I got a stunning ring with an unpolished emerald (my birthstone). Even though the ring is big, I wear it every day and it makes me smile each time I look at it.

Last travel destination that captured your heart? Singapore. I loved how easy it was to get around, how safe and clean it was, how friendly the locals were, the food, and the simple fact that everything just works. What really left a lasting impression on me was when I was walking around late at night, I noticed that most of the restaurants leave a full meal (with dessert and a beverage) outside their entrance for the very few homeless people the city has. So thoughtful.

Listening to? I often say that if I wasn’t working in fashion, I would probably be working in the music industry. Moonchild Sanelly and Snoh Aalegra are relatively new artists who have recently captured my attention. I could listen to them all day.

Grocery cart essentials? Brie cheese. I’m a lactose-intolerant cheese addict.

What item of clothing captures your style? Definitely my leather biker jacket. It’s so versatile and injects a dose of cool to anything I wear under it.

Next on your list of must-have items? A plane ticket to somewhere magnificent like Marrakech.

What place inspires and rejuvenates you? My garden at home. I spend a lot of time there. Whether I’m watering the plants, having garden picnics with the kids, or simply lying on my back and gazing at the stars, it really feels lovely to be in it.

Place that’s recently caught your attention? Trouville and Deauville in Normandy are definite must-visit places if you ever find yourself in the French countryside. So charming.

The last item of clothing that you added to your wardrobe? An Africa Your Time Is Now overall/jumpsuit from Butter Pudding.. Since I acquired it, I’ve been wearing it at least once a week — which is very often considering how much clothing I own. It fits any occasion: meetings, school runs, and date nights. I can wear it with my Converse sneakers and it looks just as awesome with high heels.

Your favourite city in the world? So clichéd but Cape Town is where my heart is. Although I grew up there, my heart still skips a beat each time I land there.

Indulgence you would never forgo? Burning candles after a long day does wonders for my soul. I have them all over my home; I have even got my kids into them. Every night we each light a candle for our special people and make wishes or say prayers for them.

 From the February edition of Wanted 2020.

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