Nana Akua Osei-Appiah, senior brand manager of J&B and primaries for Diageo SA.
Nana Akua Osei-Appiah, senior brand manager of J&B and primaries for Diageo SA.
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Nana Akua Osei-Appiah, senior brand manager - whisky for Diageo South Africa, shares why she enjoys The Singleton, what she’s planning for Valentine’s Day, and how she balances business with pleasure.

A New Year’s resolution you’ve managed to stick to? I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions. However, I did promise myself that, coming into this new decade, I would be better organised. My first step is to declutter the spaces I exist in, from both a physical and a mental perspective.

What do you most love about whisky? The fact that I can enjoy my whisky in the way that I feel like at that moment because of the smoothness and versatility of the liquid. I absolutely love my Singleton in a whisky sour!

A little-known whisky fact people should know? About 34 bottles of whisky are exported from Scotland every second with the vast majority of it being blended, not single malt.

Your dream holiday destination? Next on my bucket list is the Amalfi coast. My dream holiday destination is anything by the water — I love the transient nature of it. My last holiday a few months back was at an eco-friendly resort in Ponta Malongane in Mozambique and it was an absolute dream: few people, fresh food, wild animals, whisky cocktails, and the sound and sight of the ocean every day. 

A tip for keeping a healthy work-life balance? I am a workaholic by choice because I enjoy keeping my mind busy and thinking things through. I do not quite switch off but the balancing act for me lately is the realisation that I cannot do everything in one day, so I focus on what is important to get done for that day across both work and life.

How do you enjoy your whisky served? I enjoy experimenting with my whisky, so although I do occasionally have it on the rocks, lately I have been enjoying it with pink tonic, lemon juice, and peach syrup. This mix works surprisingly well for The Singleton as it's smooth, versatile and unconventional.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? As Valentine’s Day will be on a Friday, my husband and I will be enjoying a spa weekend and a picnic somewhere next to water. We both love being pampered. 

A series you’re bingeing at the moment? My husband is a big sci-fi and gaming fan, so he has me hooked on The Witcher.

Who drinks The Singleton? An individual looking for a smooth and perfectly balanced liquid with fruity, nutty notes.

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