Wanted editor Sarah Buitendach.
Wanted editor Sarah Buitendach.
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Ed's letter | Turn on, tune in, drop out

Our Rugby World Cup win, the never-ending Brexit, VBS, Southern African drought, the Zondo commission, Greta Thunberg, Mugabe’s death, DA debacles, Eskom, SAA, Trump, Hong Kong, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, Cyril’s anticlimactic presidency, Johnny Clegg’s crossing, and the end of a decade.

Frankly, just conjuring up that 2019 highlights package has made me take to my chaise longue, with a stiff drink, in absolute exhaustion.

What a year this has been. And how glad I am that we’re going to get to take a wee break from it all for a week or two. I know you agree. Our regular contributor Candice Botha said to me, in the midst of the manic deadline of this issue, “And we thought this year would be calmer — look how wrong we were. Perhaps 2020 will be better.”

I’m not convinced of that, but, hell, what’s the good in worrying right now? There’s no point in getting my Agent Provocateurs in a knot until the 1st of January. Or, in fact, till the real world catches up with me again.

So, instead I’m going to get into the sun, read every book in sight, drink a lot of rosé, laugh, play cheesy Christmas music loudly, wrap presents at the last minute, and spend time with good people. At home, in gorgeous December Joburg, mostly.

I’m taking a leaf out of Tom Hodgkinson’s book. You should too.


  • Zero flight delays
  • A perfect prezzie or two — drop hints by leaving this issue lying around
  • Long swims
  • Minimal interaction with that family member at festive gatherings
  • Reduced screen time
  • A lunch or two that necessitates the unbuttoning of clothes for comfort
  • Many afternoon naps. That one goes out to the parents of littlies especially
  • Dom P on tap (hey, a gal can dream)
  • NO conversations about politics or the economy. Or, certainly, brief ones
  • Hours spent devouring series you just don’t want to end
  • Plenty of fresh air
  • Sunset drinks, braais, and evenings al fresco

Be safe and have fun!

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