Guiyani Monteiro.
Guiyani Monteiro.
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Design icon? I’m a lover of all forms of design and I don’t think I have one icon. My earliest conscious interaction with design was fashion, and John Galliano’s work moved me immensely. His unconventional storytelling and rebellious and detailed design for Dior and his own label have always been something to look forward to.

Essential beauty potions? I live by Suki Suki’s prickly pear facial oil every morning, and close off the day by applying pure rose water before bed. Argan oil for my curls, and then three litres of water a day. The rest comes with prioritising happiness.

The building everyone should visit before they die? Also a tough question, because spaces impact people differently. If I had to pick a global monument, I’d say the Taj Mahal. I thought seeing it on a postcard would be enough but as I walked towards it, around and inside it, I felt the incredible magic and power of the building and its love story.

Essential gadget? Definitely my iPhone. I’m pretty sure I could live without it but still working on that.

Drink of choice? Water and its counterpart, tequila, of course.

All-time favourite place to eat out? My dream night out would start with the best guacamole in New York City at Casa Mezcal, paired with an Amayan, a signature cocktail there. Then I’d head to dinner at Taberna da Rua das Flores in Lisbon and indulge in everything on the menu. For dessert, I would walk out onto the streets of Florence for an affogato, and after some dancing around the world, I would end the night around 1:30am with two pretzel bun hotdogs at The Power and the Glory in Cape Town — the best in the country.

Item of clothing you bought, instantly loved and still have in your wardrobe years later? A pair of denim bell-bottoms I got a couple of years ago in New York. They are so flattering and stylish. I can’t part ways with them, no matter how much Marie Kondo-ing happens in my life. People will meet me at different phases in life, I’ll evolve but those bell-bottoms are consistent.

Currently reading? A Rainha Ginga (Queen Njinga) by José Eduardo Agualusa.

Top Instagrammer? I don’t think I have a favourite one, but locally I love scrolling through Lulama Wolf’s feed. I absolutely love her gentle and effortless style. Internationally, I've been loving Sophia Roe. She shows her passion for wellness unapologetically and educationally.

Listening to? A ton of podcasts. I think I listen to people talking more than music. I’ve also been listening to and singing along to the Spiderman soundtrack — not by choice, as you can imagine.

Artist you’ve got your eye on? Cassi Namoda, painter and good friend of mine — also Mozambican. I love the depth of the stories she paints, and I can't wait to own one of her pieces. And Grada Kilomba, a multidisciplinary artist. I was introduced to her work at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, and I was so powerfully touched by her expression on post-colonialism, gender, racism, and more. I’d love to meet her and chat over some wine one day.

Book, album, and luxury item you’d take to a desert island? Rather than a book I’d take a sketch pad for doodles, any Sade album and the best sunscreen a luxury brand can make.

Collecting? Probably unconsciously, tote bags. I have way too many.

What makes you happiest? My son giggling. Nothing beats it.

Last travel destination that knocked your socks off? Rio de Janeiro these last December holidays. It was my second visit, but this time I had confirmation that Brazil is my spirit country and that I will live there one day. The connection to nature, the people, the vibe, the music — everything.

Dream dinner-party guests? Léopold Senghor, Graça and Samora Machel, Rihanna, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Clarissa Pinkola Estés and my boyfriend. I dont think we’d ever go to bed; we’d have the most interesting and riveting conversations but also lots of wine and laughs. I’m actually hoping for a very vivid dream of what this dinner would be like.

Next must-have item? A pair of high-waisted, vintage Levi’s 501s in a light blue wash. I have been chasing ones that fit me well for years, so it’s a constant must-have item.

Always in the fridge? Eggs and lemons.

What inspires and rejuvenates you? Solitude and nature.

Indulgence you would never forgo? Dark chocolate

From the July edition of Wanted 2019.

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