WATCH | The Santos de Cartier film featuring Jake Gyllenhall

For the bold ones only. Cartier is proud to reveal the new Santos de Cartier film.


It’s always big news when Cartier reveals a new watch. Most charming about the refreshed version of the Santos de Cartier is the story behind it, though. When Louis Cartier’s aviator friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, complained that he struggled to check the time while he was flying, his friend promptly designed him a wrist watch – the first purpose designed modern wrist watch, in fact.

The new Santos de Cartier has a seamless design and has lost none of the elegance of the original look. It’s those signature screws that have become so much part of the Cartier signature and inspired two of the most beautiful jewellery collections: the Love bracelets and Just un Clou.

The new Santos comes with two bracelets: A metal one and a leather one. And brilliant new technology that makes it really easy for the wearer to switch straps.

The Santos de Cartier is an automatic watch and the one the collectors are going to be after, is the skeleton.


Pop over to Gucci for a brand new range of T-shirts and Sweat Shirts called #GucciHallucination. Digital artworks by Spanish artist and Gucci collaborator Ignasi Monreal reflect the eclectic creative mood at Gucci right now and I’ll bet they are going to be at the top of everyone’s designer wishlist this month! You’ll have to move it because each of the pieces with a distinct flavour of an old master gone rogue, is a limited edition.


I always get a kick out of a good collaboration, especially when a global brand finds a reason to work with South African talent. This time it’s Italian sneaker brand Superga, who have teamed up with none other than South African jewellery label Pichulik. Not a natural fit (excuse the pun), you would have thought: Shoes and jewellery? But the design inspiration is subtle and sophisticated with the result three great new Superga’s with a touch of feminine, South African style. Amazing indeed!


The Remix Collection by Kisua is a revival of some of the classics this stylish African label created when it all began. Even though I don’t really wear dresses, I absolutely love the Kisua fabrics and I sometimes find myself thinking about going a little more feminine just so I can wear a Kisua dress!

The Remix Collection by Kisua
The Remix Collection by Kisua
Image: Supplied


I’ve always been enchanted by the Wits sculpture lecturer’s giant cone virus sculptures (there’s a bright orange one at Nirox), so won’t be missing his exhibition on the subject of “sacred geometry” at the Standard Bank Gallery. It’s on until 15th June.

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