Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly
Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly
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Ed's Letter | Now relax...

As we started planning this issue of the magazine, I wrote to our charming motoring editor Mark Smyth to discuss those aspects of motor news that we should be sharing with you, our Wanted reader.

“I’m chucking a Jag around the island of Corsica — can’t talk right now,” he mailed me back.

Mark’s laid-back turn of phrase finished me off, but also perfectly captures the feel of this edition, where we’re in a relaxed mood, chilling in the menswear trends for winter, and taking in the understated beauty that the luxury watch industry has planned for us this year.

When I asked Mark what the new sporty Jaguar E-Pace, which launches in South Africa this month, was like, his response was: “Hey, it’s a Jag. Do you need to know more?”

Stay tuned to wantedonline.co.za for his motoring piece (appearing later this month) where he goes into a little more detail about important car happenings to look forward to in 2018.

The rise of the sports utility vehicle, plus a sporty new mood breezing through the luxury watch industry, reminds me that true style should never be hard work.

And if you really don’t know how, happily Trenery is always on hand with tons of timeless style in every piece.

We’re delighted to launch the Trenery Guild on Wanted Online this month: A passion project showcasing some of South Africa’s finest artists and crafts people who take quality and attention to detail as seriously as the team at Trenery.

Here’s to a laid-back autumn!



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We’re heading for a change of season so there’s a really good chance some of you are needing to make place in your wardrobes for winter coats and boots. If you are planning a clear-out, please may I ask that you consider donating your once-loved fashion to Vintage with Love.

Vintage with Love is a charity that Leigh Ord and I started five years ago, with the support of the forum company and Hyde Park Corner. Collecting and selling gently worn fashion donated by friends and family has enabled us to donate close to R4-million to some incredible literacy organisations around South Africa.

It’s an entirely volunteer-based organisa­tion and every cent goes to the charities. Our next Vintage with Love sale is in June and happily the team at Wanted are coming on board to support our efforts.

Should you have any clothing donations you’d like to contribute, please email us on info@vintagewithlove.co.za or call 079-521-9090

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