Cover credits: Photo taken on August 30, 1970 shows Playboy Magazine bunnies at London airport with the Playboy jet “Big Bunny”.
Cover credits: Photo taken on August 30, 1970 shows Playboy Magazine bunnies at London airport with the Playboy jet “Big Bunny”.
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You’ll see when you read Giulietta Talevi’s piece on private planes (page 26) — and whether we should all be acquiring them in this quasi-apocalyptic world — that she’s not entirely convinced of the notion. They’re pretty darn pricey to buy, run, and maintain, it turns out. This here editor is nowhere as sensible, I’m afraid.

I can’t even afford a rivet in the wing of a Lear but, in putting together this issue, I found myself longing to spring into my own jet and escape our current reality. For an island in the sun, for a lodge in the bush, for a cosy cabin in the mountains. No Wi-Fi! I don’t really need to explain why — we’re all in this current malaise of fear, depression, and uncertainty. You get it.

My actual self-comfort tactics include reading, bingeing on nostalgic TV (watching a Zoom reunion of the cast of ’80s movie hit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off brought me irrational joy), red wine, cooking, and socially distant walks with friends. I’m so thankful to have all of the above, but sometimes darkness descends anyhow. And I go full-on Grinch.

There was one thing recently, however, that pulled me firmly out of the mood mire, and that was interviewing Tsakani Mashaba, Bonolo Chepape, Carol Bouwer, Tinashe Nyamudoka, Mpho Phalane, and Shakil Khan. Over a couple of days, I chatted to these exceptionally fine South Africans who have forged careers in creating wonderful products. They take risks, dream up ideas, and manifest them. Sure, each one of these business owners spoke of the difficulties of running small, craft-based businesses in this country — and there are many — but despite those, what they do is a kind of alchemy. One of taking stories and culture and ideas and turning them into actual works of fine craft, luxury, and beauty. Every one of their brands could go toe to toe with any fancy equivalent from abroad, any day. Read about them on page 22.

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Engaging with these huge talents left me on a high. And so does the wonderful Wanted team — who pulled this issue out of the bag, from home. Again! Managing ed Matthew McClure’s piece on some splendid getaway spots (page 32) is a balm. So is the fashion spread on page 16. And then there are our brilliant subeditor Benazir Cassim, creative director Anna Lineveldt, and designers Manelisi Dabata and Carike de Jager who make magic of every page. You want to know what restores my faith in the world? Kind souls like them with talent, dedication, and plenty of chutzpah.

Whether it’s private planes, local products, or good people, I hope you find the bright spots in this dark patch.

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