Lanzerac Wine Estate, steeped in a history dating back to 1692, is synonymous with country-chic charm and rich Cape heritage. This is why everyone was up in arms when the cherished 326-year-old estate was ravaged by a fire early last year. A little more than a year later, and the estate is once again gleaming and ready to welcome guests with a penchant for old-world luxury.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, this remarkable Stellenbosch gem has made one spectacular comeback. For its relaunch the hotel played host to The Joburg Wine Club’s recent soirée, where Jozi-based influencers descended on the Cape Winelands to taste the wines from source. The newly refurbished reception hall and restaurant is lighter and airier with tasteful modern touches including various themed conferencing rooms.

My suite for the night was a perfect blend of old meets new: a mix of modern furnishings peppered with old antiques that have been collected around the world by the renovation’s project co-ordinator and designer Con van der Colff. Its homely, unintimidating, yet sometimes lavish details are pared down, making it an easy place to relax in. The bathroom — which is palatial in size — was stunning, and upon opening sliding the doors to the outdoor patio I was greeted by my very own private splash pool, endless rows of vineyards, and an imposing mountain backdrop.

Bedroom suite at the Lanzerac Wine Estate.
Bedroom suite at the Lanzerac Wine Estate.
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For the remainder of the afternoon I remained transfixed in this position, sipping on a glass of South Africa’s very own grape, pinotage. Lanzerac has been bottling wine longer than any estate in the country, so it’s safe so say that what’s inside this Pionier Heritage Pinotage bottle is something worth savouring.

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