Slow Lounge Interior
Slow Lounge Interior
Image: Supplied

The slow lounge experience took off at Lanseria airport with the launch of Slow XS, the newest addition to the air-transit offering. The lounge, which launched at the end of August, focuses on an expression of authenticity, with small-scale local production and modern connoisseurship as a focus.

Think taster-inspired menu, cold-brewed coffee selection, boutique, small-batch alcohol labels from micro-distilleries, a limited-edition volume of hand-made guest books, and sustainability-sensitive reusable water bottles. Spatial constraints might mean some pared-down amenities, such as buffet catering, in-house spa, and private washroom facilities, but what the lounge lacks in some services, it more than makes up for in its character-rich decor, which includes a palette of mint, blush and midnight blue tones, punctuated with a dash of copper.

The Tonic-designed interior belies the size of the space by merging floor and wall surfaces with a soft, grey, tonal palette, reducing high-contrast elements, and introducing rounded, linear detailing that adds subtle sophistication to both the furnishings and the light-washed feature panelling, achieving a distinct sense of volume. This sense of weightlessness is further emphasised by the natural texture and tonality of oak timber and stone, as well as the elevated profile of furniture pieces. The lounge is also the first to unveil Slow’s new signature pattern — specially commissioned from artist Givan Lötz — across its range of compostable food packaging. Access to Slow XS is reserved for qualifying members on a first-come, first-served basis.

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