TheraFace PRO.
TheraFace PRO.
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You may know Therabody as the company that brought us the Theragun massage device, but did you know that it also has something called the TheraFace PRO? I don’t want to hype this up too much, but this portable facial health device could redefine your skincare routine.

It uses Therabody’s Theragun percussive therapy to tackle tension, relax facial muscles, and provide deep-level care. After using this, you won’t need to go to the spa for a facial anymore — you’ll be able to get one anytime and anywhere you want. Approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration, TheraFace PRO offers a range of multi-functional therapies.

The eight unique treatments include percussive facial therapy, to reduce tension and relax facial muscles; light therapy, to stimulate and rejuvenate your skin; and deep cleansing, to remove the build-up of dirt and oil. It also has easily interchangeable magnetic ring attachments that let you customise your experience without breaking a sweat.

In a study Therabody conducted with 35 US-based participants ranging in age from 35-61, they all reported improvements in skin tone, reduced wrinkles, and enhanced muscle tone after 12 weeks.


• From the August edition of Wanted, 2023.

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