But with so many innovative OLED TVs to choose from, how do you know you’ll find the one that’s right for you?
But with so many innovative OLED TVs to choose from, how do you know you’ll find the one that’s right for you?
Image: Supplied/LG

TV is an important part of our African fabric. It exposes us to local talent we otherwise would not have discovered, home-grown sporting stars climbing their way up the ranks and, of course, award-winning global entertainment. Finding the right TV, then, is important if you’re to take your viewing experience to a whole new level. 

Enter LG’s leading OLED technology. It delivers intense colour and stunning contrast, thanks to self-lit pixels that ensure crisp image quality and rich detail second to none. 

The TVs are also backed by award-winning designs, and LG’s wide range of flush wall-mount-designed TVs is impressive. From the Gallery Design GX, which looks like a piece of art on your wall, to the Wallpaper Design WX, the world’s thinnest TV at just 3.85mm, LG is changing consumer expectations when it comes to how TVs should look. Unsurprisingly, LG’s OLED TVs have been recognised as global front-runners for the past seven years by the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards.

But with so many innovative OLED TVs to choose from, how do you know you’ll find the one that’s right for you?

Enjoy spectacular movies

Ever needed to turn the lights down in your living room and brighten the colours to get a better look at what’s happening on screen? Chances are, you’re watching on an LED TV. The result? The dreaded halo effect and backlight bleed, which prevents you from picking up on finer details. 

Fortunately, LG’s OLED TVs have you covered with self-lit pixels that ensure perfect black and the most realistic picture quality. Every pixel has its own light source that can be turned on and off, allowing you to see every inch of colour, texture, and detail — even in the darkest battle scenes. Perfect for anyone looking to really lose themselves in a good movie. 

The LG OLED ZX 8K is a great example of an LG OLED TV with these impressive capabilities. It’s the world’s largest TV, and with more than 100-million self-lit sub-pixels, you’ll feel like you’re at the cinema without ever needing to leave home.

LG’s OLED TVs are also elegantly stylish in their design.
LG’s OLED TVs are also elegantly stylish in their design.
Image: Supplied/LG

Feel the adrenaline of the sporting field

Not only does the OLED ZX 8K deliver a cinematic experience for movie lovers, it’s also the perfect match for sporting enthusiasts who want to feel like they’re watching the big game live. The 8K uses deep-learning algorithms to upscale 2K or 4K content into the most lifelike 8K picture, so you get to enjoy your favourite sport with reduced noise and enhanced sharpness, detail and definition. The self-lit pixels showcase every tiny detail and movement without any colour shift, blur or flicker, promising a great view from every seat in the room.

Even more important than finding the best seat in the house is your TV’s ability to reflect events in real-time and without any lag. LG OLED TVs have an impressive response time of 1ms (that’s the time it takes for a pixel to change from one colour to another). This lightning-fast response time is possible because every pixel illuminates one by one, unlike other TVs where numerous pixels illuminate at once, causing blur. That means sports lovers can see exactly where the ball is at any time in greater detail. 

LG’s OLEDs are renowned for making sports more realistic and immersive. Motion Pro prevents blurring so you’ll experience every millisecond of the action clearly, while advanced TruMotion lets you see every small object and movement at all times. The TVs also boast bluetooth capabilities that allow viewers to connect two compatible speakers to the TV. The result is a surround-sound effect that will leave you feeling like you’re sitting in the front row of a stadium.  

Play every game at a higher standard

For those of us who are more interested in esports, HDMI2.1 allows the LG OLEDs to support a higher frame rate, VRR (variable refresh rate) and ALLM (auto low latency mode) — important considerations for gamers looking to level up. Combine these features and you get fast-moving content at higher resolutions with smoother, synchronised graphics. Essentially, it delivers a more lifelike gaming experience.

The LG CX is the ultimate choice for your gaming setup: it’s been described as a “gaming dream” and “the best gaming TV of 2020” with an “unparalleled number of gaming-focused features”. The CX, GX and ZX are the first TVs to offer NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible support, so your TV is able to match fast refresh rates to in-game frame-rate variations, even at high-resolution, which is necessary to avoid tearing, stuttering and juddering during fast-paced games.

The best part? As you turn your gaming console on, the OLED TV automatically goes into gaming mode, lowering your input lag and latency — allowing you to dominate your way to victory. 

As well as offering more immersive viewing experiences irrespective of the entertainment you’re interested in, LG’s OLED TVs are also elegantly stylish in their design and will look right at home, whatever the look and feel of your space.

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