I have tried, I promise you I have, every single electric toothbrush imaginable. Hard aggressive bristle action, over-the-top powerful electric toothbrushes – even a Barbie kid’s toothbrush – but they always landed up being lifeless when I needed them. I once even lost a charger in Copenhagen and had to brush with a tiny toothbrush head for the rest of the trip. It was a struggle that ended in me surrendering to a soft-bristled, all-black, old-fashioned number.

That is until I heard about Quip. Quip is the latest line of monthly deliverable toiletry offerings and has become a sensation in the US. You can pretty much mail order your life via the US postal service – must be nice – and now you can order your toothbrush too.

The designer of this beautifully sleek brush was inspired by a visit to his dental hygienist where he learnt the key to good oral health is relatively simple – if you give people the tools to do it. You have to change your toothbrush regularly, be less abrasive, massage your gums, give enough attention to each segment of your mouth – and not forget about your tongue.

Quip is designed for these very purposes. Like any toothbrush, you say? Yes, except for one thing – you never have to charge it. Yup, no more charging your electric toothbrush. No more leaving behind your bulky charger. Now you can travel with ease and have a toothbrush that actually works with you and not against you. And it has a handy holder to cover the brush head, so you don’t get debris from your running shoes on it when travelling.

Quip toothbrush is also available in various colours.
Quip toothbrush is also available in various colours.
Image: Quip

Also, did we mention that it’s sexy? You can even have it in all black. Prices vary between $25 and $55, and delivery of new batteries will always be free. Plus, refills for toothpaste (yes, they even supply toothpaste!) and a fresh brush head will only cost you only $5. Bonus? Delivery is free even to us all the way down here. Better yet, mine even arrived – who knew it was possible?

You deserve nice things - and so do your teeth.

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