From the company that brought us some of the world’s top-quality vacuum cleaners, Dyson is known for its innovative technology and sleek (albeit sometimes eccentric, have you seen the Dyson Hairdryer?) design – and we are here for its humidifier.

What happens when air lacks humidity? You skin cracks, your nose dries out and your body’s natural respiratory defenses suffer. The Dyson humidifier, which looks a bit like something out of a sci-fi movie, uses “ultra-violet cleanse technology” to expose the water that passes through it to ultraviolet light. It shoots short-wave light into the molecules, disrupting the DNA of any nasty bacteria that might be lurking in the air and your water supply, leaving 99.9% of them literally dead in the water after three minutes. The ultrasonic waves turn the purified water into an evenly distributed, temperature-controlled mist for a comfortable home.

Enjoy crisp, clean and humidified air all year round 24/7. As the company says, it is “smart engineering, intelligent humidification”.

• The Dyson Humidifier, $499.99 (roughly R9,160)

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