Instagram’s IGTV looks set to put it ahead of the pack with the launch of their long-form video feature
Instagram’s IGTV looks set to put it ahead of the pack with the launch of their long-form video feature
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In the eye of millennials, visual media is the easiest way to communicate. YouTube and Instagram have this in the bag, supplying pics and videos that blogs and articles could never compete with. YouTube has always had the upper hand because it supports videos longer than a minute. However, this is about to change due to Instagram’s newest innovation. IGTV has just set off and is sure to add spunk to the visual media arena.

If you’re an Instagram fan with a lot more to say, this is the perfect feature to keep you on for just an hour longer. With vertical video uploads, trendy in social media, users are allowed to chat to their followers and whoever else wants to listen in. These videos can also be shared through the Instasphere, which is helpful for those wanting to trend or become Instafamous. YouTube, on the other hand, only recommends popular videos and has the rest of us begging in the comment sections for others to check out our channel. 

WATCH | IGTV highlights from Instagram's press event in San Francisco:

Here are all the major moments from Instagram's press event in San Francisco on June 20.

Instagram has gone beyond streaming live and has shown us that not all videos have to be an impromptu mess. We now have the ability to upload clean, cut and edited videos which show off our artistic flair and allow us to spend more time with the influential people we follow. As you can imagine, these videos will not be random and will allow you to switch between “For You”, “Following”, “Popular” and “Continue Watching” options. With the update already out and downloadable in a couple of seconds, I’m sure we’re all ready to experience a feature that seems to be all things good.

Some reviewers have their doubts and predict Instagram will air longer ads to compensate for the longer videos. This is a bit off-putting, as online ads never seem to do anything but annoy us. However, this is just speculation.

So far, 2018 has shown us we are far from slowing down and it’s exciting to think where Instagram will be a year from now. YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook - you might have some competition.

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