Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple Inc., speaks during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)
Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple Inc., speaks during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC)
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Apple’s new iOS 12 software is stirring up quite bit of discussion. The update has fresh features which enable your device to do more for you in numerous ways. Unlike previous updates, this one is not just there to fix the software bugs that seem to appear over time - this update is edgy, innovative and has all the aesthetic appeal we’ve come to expect from Apple.


An update that stands out is the new “digital health” feature, which claims it will help users manage how much time they spend on their apps. They will have the option to limit the time they spend on each app, and will be prevented from opening them once they have exceeded that period. Many users see this as a plus because addiction to social media steals many hours of their day. Some even see this as a subtle way to aid in their mental health.


Apple has gone the extra mile to assure its users their cookies will not be tracked. IOS 12 is said to directly block advertisers who track user activity through social media networks or any other website. This is a relevant feature to add to the software as the recent Facebook scandal, when the data of millions of people was improperly shared, has left many feeling vulnerable and confused as to which data truly belongs to them.

WATCH | New features in iOS 12 announced at WWDC 2018:


FaceTime has added the one feature we have all been waiting for. The new software will allow us to speak to a maximum of 32 people simultaneously. Animoji’s can also be used too. What a way to bring our 3am group chats to new virtual life!


Apple continues to outdo itself in refining its software. This new software will have an updated Stocks and Memo app to the iPad. iBooks will be rebranded to Apple books and CarPlay will now support destination apps besides Apple Maps.

The list of app updates seem to grow longer by the day. Will enhancing our user experience make us stay on our phones for longer? We hope, in time, that updates like these will not deepen our phone addiction, which is already a growing problem.


Apple seems to have a liking for its breaking iPhone X feature, the Animoji. This software introduces a new Animoji, known as the Memoji, which allows users to animate their own faces as a personal message feature. Watch out Snapchat, you might have some competition! Apple is second in line with this creative innovation, as Samsung was the first to introduce augmented reality to its users. Do we hear another lawsuit arising?


Siri is now able to understand new commands and is even able to find items you may have lost. The Pro Series Tile is a small metal keychain that can be attached to everyday items and electronically connected to your phone.

If we lose an item that has, or is connected to, the “Tile” it can easily be found by either tapping the tile twice, which signals your phone to make a sound, or using your phone to map out where the tile is.

Apple seems to be trying to alleviate the minor stresses that come with being human and, in doing so, is surpassing the general concept of what a cellphone should do. Although these features are designed to make our lives easier, it raises the question of how easy our lives should be made, with apps doing things for us. I’m all for having an app help find my things, but if we get to the point where we are relying on them to do the simplest things for us, it could make us lazy.

The iOS 12 public beta (this is the unfinished software) is rumored to launch around June 26. The final version of iOS 12 is expected in September. Both versions are free.

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