Rejoice! The ultimate game day braai companion is here. Now you can watch your favourite team score as you grill that chop outside on the world’s largest outdoor LED television standing at a staggering 4,6m in height and 5,11m in width.

Designed by Porsche, the C SEED 201 is a slick and beautiful wonder that uses more than 780,000 LED’s to produce 281 trillion colours night and day – including in direct sunlight.

Being a winner of a prestigious Red Dot Award means that every aspect of the C SEED 201 is highly considered. So as to not tarnish your teatime views of the garden it was designed to be stored underground in a water resistant chamber only to pop and unfold it’s seven panels of ultra high definition in a tight 40 seconds. What’s more you can adjust the height and even tilt your view 135 degrees each way should you need to move the screen to accommodate your sun tanning position (always follow the sun, dahrling.)

What mini backyard drive-in experience is complete without movie quality sound? Working with L-Acoustics, the C SEED 201 comes with a retractable open-air speaker system. From the peak resonating aluminum casings to the fact that the speaker projects at a 110 degree angle means that you will be getting a solid sound experience when you watch your favourite soap opera on margarita night.

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