Travel apps abound but how to choose the one that appeals to your personal travel style? Follow your fashion nose, that’s how.

The house of Gucci has decided that its very many followers are likely to fancy a little more than just the latest fashion – they want to live the Gucci life on holiday and brag about it with a collection of bag patches.

So this is how the new app works: Gucci has identified those locations that reflect the taste and values peculiar to the house and has designated them Gucci Places. Each Gucci Place will have its own dedicated badge, inspired by the Place in question. These badges will reflect Gucci’s eclectic aesthetic and will incorporate motifs that suggest the specific location – a coat of arms, perhaps, or a design detail from a building.

Using geolocation services, the Gucci Places App will send you a push notification to invite you to visit the relevant location when you are in the proximity of a Gucci Place. Pop in, check in and you could win the local Gucci badge to attach to your favourite Gucci bag.

Can you feel a collecting craze coming?

The idea behind Gucci Places is to encourage people to become part of a community and share in Gucci’s love for eclectic travel.

The very first Gucci Place to be unveiled will be Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, which is where Gucci is currently supporting an extensive exhibition of clothing and memorabilia entitled House Style, curated by Hamish Bowles, American Vogue’s International Editor-at-Large.

Chatsworth was also the location of the Gucci Cruise 2017 advertising campaign, which featured the acclaimed British actress Vanessa Redgrave.

An exclusive selection of products based on those in Gucci’s Courier collection has been created as part of the Gucci Places Chatsworth collaboration. The pieces all feature the Chatsworth and the Gucci Places patches and will be on sale only at the Chatsworth store, and Gucci’s Sloane Street store in London, from mid-July.

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