Athletic. Elegant. Precise. These are just some of the descriptors that come to mind when you immerse yourself in the cabin of the latest BMW 5 Series. The new BMW 5 Series builds on the bespoke character of the previous model, and it is only fitting that it is enhanced from both an aesthetic and functionality perspective.

Considering the traditional demographic — and, indeed, the needs — of the typical BMW 5 Series buyer, it is perhaps the latter that are of most importance.The Munich engineers appreciate the fact that time is of the essence, and have consequently equipped the new BMW 5 Series with the latest-generation iDrive system.

A high-resolution 10.25-inch screen, actuated by the familiar rotary controller located on the centre console between the two front seats, gives clear and easy visual access to all of the car’s features. Multimedia. Navigation.

Telephone contacts. Rapid access to your favourite functions is ensured. Don’t feel like taking your hands off the wheel? Well, then you can navigate your waythrough the menus using the system’s innovative voice and gesture control technology — even from the back seat.

Streamlining life is a maxim applied to all aspects of the new BMW 5 Series, which is why you will also find improved and cableless smartphone integration for seamless communication on the move. Not only is there inductive charging, but also a fully wireless version of Apple CarPlay.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is the optional BMW Display Key, carried over from the BMW 7 Series, which puts even more smart in your pocket. This incredible piece of tech — essentially a remote control and touchscreen in one — actually allows you manoeuvre your BMW 5 Series into tight or inaccessible parking spaces while standing outside the vehicle. You can also check your range (how many kilometres until your next fill-up), as well as actuate the heating or cooling of the cabin. All of this helps take the teeth out of a hectic day’s worth of business meetings.

The actual driving experience is less stressful, too. A portfolio of electronic-assistance systems ensures you arrive at your destination cool, calm, and collected. One that’s really worth its salt inside our gridlocked South African cities is Traffic Jam Assist.

It automatically maintains the desired distance from the vehicle ahead and regulates the car’s speed down to standstill, as well as providing active steering support, using stereo cameras, ultrasound, and radar. The vehicle is, therefore, able to help the driver stay in the correct lane, as long as the driver keeps at least one hand on the wheel.

The revolutionary new Lane Keep Assist with Active Side Collision Protection makes its debut in the BMW 5 Series. This system keeps a watchful eye on the lane markings and the area around the car, and actively helps the driver to avoid looming collisions by applying corrective steering inputs. So, even if the thought of that latest merger or acquisition momentarily gets the better of your attention, you can be sure the BMW 5 Series always has its attention fully on the road ahead.

The all-new BMW 5 Series is finished off with other luxuries — such as the
third-generation BMW Head-up Display (featuring a 70% larger projection surface), noise-absorbing interior materials, and the option of a diamond-domed Bowers & Wilkins sound system — making it the ultimate accessory for your life lived in the executive fast lane.

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