Audeze (as in “odyssey”) is a line that manufactures some of the sleekest and most magnificently designed headphones around. With advanced engineering, each of these models guarantees you the best listening experience. The Audeze LCD-3 is an open-backed headset with an exquisite natural-timbre casing retailing at R31,495. Retailing at R29,495, the LCD-XC’s closed-back design allows you to enjoy your music more privately.

The beautifully handcrafted LCD-2 comes in bamboo and, retailing at R16,495, ensures a low-distortion sound which articulates the power and sound of your own music. The closed-back models basically have all the sonic benefits of the open-back ones. However, the downside with an open-back is that everyone 
can hear what you are listening to, which can be an inconvenience to those around you.

All of the headphones really take your listening experience to another level. Vocals sound incredible and you can hear every bit of instrumentals, from the bass to the tones, to the engineering. Audeze recommends the use of an 
external amplifier to get the most out of your experience. The brand offers a number of amplifiers at varied prices.

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