In partnership with Mercedes-Benz we put 15,000 VR cardboard glasses out to Wanted subscribers in Gauteng because we believe VR content should be shared offline too.

Here’s how to enjoy the VR experience with your Wanted Cardboards:

1) Assemble the Wanted Cardboard headset by folding the matching numbers towards each other.

2) Open the Wanted Deep VR showreel by watching the video below:
(You can also search on the YouTube App for “VR videos” or “VR videos for Google Cardboard”). Follow the link:

3) On iPhone or Android, click on the three dots at the top right and choose “View in Cardboard” if necessary: the screen must be split in two for Cardboard viewing.

4) Open the front flap of your Wanted Cardboard glasses. Place your phone in it, with the sound on.

5) Put the glasses on, look up, look down and turn around. Enjoy and share your VR experience!

Image: Times Media

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