Expected to become available along with the iPhone 7 before the end of this year, these tiny orbs are the tech that got the tongues wagging at tech giant Apple's special event on September 7.

This year is going to feel a lot more futuristic – even reminiscent of films such as Spike Jonze’s Her – with the advent of Apple’s latest gadgets. Here are six interesting facts.

Image: Reuters

1. They can tell when they’re not in your ears and automatically pause when taken out.
2. You can ask Siri to call your partner, ask for directions or query how much battery power you have left in your AirPods. Yip — that’s how you check the battery.
3. They have five hours of battery life per single charge.
4. They recognise when you’re talking and adjust the volume accordingly
5. That little case they come in? It doubles up as a charging unit. Fifteen minutes equals up to three hours.
6. Just because they’re Apple (and beautifully designed) doesn’t mean they’re the only or first of their kind. Wireless headphones are a thing, as already seen here, here, and here.

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