There’s a fine balance between practical and pretty when it comes to tech gadgets. Apple, of course, is the leader in making laptops, mp3 players, and smartphones look glorious, but what about the accessories such as chargers and cables? Our newfound favourite is Native Union, whose brand philosophy “was born out of a shared passion for good design and well-made products”.

One of the cleverest product offerings in the range is The Night Cable, R1 100.  Made using durable, braided nylon, it’s ideal for those who need a wide berth while charging their devices — three metres to be exact, with a nifty, weighted knot in the cable to stop phones slipping down the side of  the bed, desk, or couch (sound familiar?).

The Belt Cable, R690, addresses the neat-freak techie, who prefers to wind up cords and cables before moving along. This comes with its own “integrated leather belt” to keep the cable tangle free. These two items and more (think phone covers that you won’t be embarrassed by) are available from Loading Bay in Cape Town, and can be delivered countrywide.

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