Man bags have hit mainstream fashion and styles have evolved beyond the conservative messenger bag and hyper-masculine backpack. This season’s man bag trend began at the Prada Fall 2018 show, where both men and women walked the runway with nylon bags.

Thanks to Louis Vuitton, the fanny pack cemented its position in the market as the old-new to have now. The saddle bag is also headed for a comeback, via Dior Homme. Just when you thought man bags couldn’t evolve any further, Dries van Noten, alongside Louis Vuitton, outfitted models in tailored suits with cross-body minibags.

Back on our shores, Inga Atelier offers a range of luxury sling bags in monochrome and all black. What to love about this brand is all its products are manufactured in Johannesburg, making buying them even more worthwhile.

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