Virgil Abloh at Paris Men's Fashion Week
Virgil Abloh at Paris Men's Fashion Week
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Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton collection, titled; “Color Theory” showed from the Palais Royal gardens, at the Place Colette Paris last week.

The prismatic runway was colour coordinated with t-shirts which guests found on their seats. Abloh said on a caption to a photo he posted on his Instagram, “Like some kids today I started the surreal mission without “fashion school” but a blank t-shirt, a screen printed idea for it and a dream. As a nod to that on every seat is a graphic t-shirt I made the early days at Louis Vuitton once I learned how to use the photocopier in the office.”

In an interview before the show took place, Abloh said he was trying to make something luxurious approachable. His inspiration for the collection was both literal and figurative.

“Essential to my show concept is a global view on diversity linked to the travel DNA of the brand,” he said. Abloh and his team also created a world diagram on the seats that displayed the models and their parent’s birthplace. The first issue of his terminology of design was also placed on each seat.

Some of the details that caught our eyes were the porcelain chain bags, the neon orange waist coats with a life jacket silhouette and the outerwear with a gradient watercolour palette. In our opinion Abloh’s personalised and transparent approach to design is what made this show a definitive turning point in the world of long standing luxury brands; a perspective that is far more relevant to the millennial and Z generation.

Here are some of our favourite looks from the collection:

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