Elsa Young, SA’s name to know in interior photography and no stranger to the world of design has stepped out from behind the lens (albeit briefly) to reveal her passion project. Huckhl is a collection of scarves so desirable we found it impossible to choose just one.

Put together from a cache of images that Elsa set aside for their graphic quality, the scarves feature an assortment of colours, patterns and shapes, many of them nature inspired. “At the time I shot them I had no idea they’d end up being used on such luxury fabric for scarves,” Elsa- never without a scarf of her own when on assignment- says of her project which has been five years in the making.

Printed onto silk and cashmere in seriously generous sizes (we’re talking no less than a meter in length) they are sumptuous, soft and irresistible. “The scarves in no way replace my love for photography, but work hand in hand with my daily experiences, being surrounded by gorgeous fabrics. I am really pleased with the results,” she beams.

Call Elsa on 072 8462967 for more information.

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