Fashion flirting with Crocs is not a new concept – Christopher Kane has collaborated with the footwear brand for a couple of seasons now. He bedazzled his, gave them a marble look and even added tufts of fur. Thankfully, the Gucci Slider won that battle and became the season’s cool-girl flat of choice.

But it seems not even the hundreds of bloggers snapped by the Sartorialist wearing these leather sliders has been enough to eradicate the idea of Crocs getting any fashion credibility. Earlier this week, designer Demna Gvasalia had his finale girls saunter down the catwalk in sky-high Crocs. That’s right, 10cm platform Crocs closed the Balenciaga 2018 Spring Show.

Already nicknamed ‘The Foam’ the recreation of the ‘ugly’ shoe has the fashion world buzzing. Gvasalia revealed to Vogue that he praises the design for its modernity: ‘It’s a very innovative shoe. It’s light, it’s a one-piece foam mould and to me, these kinds of techniques and working with these kinds of materials is very Balenciaga,’ he said. Apparently, he envisions us all using 3D printers to create our own shoes at home one day. Can we really expect a little home-time-Balenciaga-DIY?

Sure, we all re-embraced Birkenstocks and ditched heels for backless Gucci loafers – but bright yellow wedged crocs? I just can’t see it working. Crocs are adorable on children and we’ve already decided as a society to forgive the likes of chefs and doctors who are on their feet all day for wearing them. But as the shoe of choice for your next cocktail evening? Please, make it stop.

The Foam certainly stole the show but the Balenciaga catwalk was filled with plenty of other talking points – including a look that was in full blown dollar bill-print, spandex boots and a flowing dress that Rihanna will no doubt be spotted wearing in good time. As with the Gucci show, fanny packs were present too. Only this time, they’re slung across the body for a more retro approach. Souvenir-shop charms were on display too, as they dangled from chain belts and bag straps while chunky earrings referenced old Balenciaga ‘duty-free’ merchandise.

Of course, Gvasalia is known for his observational sense of humour (he was actually wearing an FBI hoodie backstage) and perhaps this collection is just his socio-political commentary – a sort of nod to the real and the fake. He appeals to a smart and knowing generation of millennials that like to make statements, even if that entails dressing ironically.

For the rest of us, that refuse to wear even uglier shoes than the already androgynous stumpy flats we’ve become accustomed to, let me remind you of some of the more glamourous heels to be found currently in Luminance stores. Yes, they’re Balenciaga and yes, they portray all the power and femininity that a good heel should…

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