Thin polo neck sweaters are the ideal foundation for a layered look, and the brand of geeky chic they embody is very much in vogue at the moment. Pair a tight, monochromatic polo neck with a long, collared jacket for a geometrically nuanced –and miraculously streamlined – effect.

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Denim lends itself well to layering, but some finesse is required to avoid repeating the denim-on-denim faux pas of the past. Layer dark blue jeans with a light blue denim button-down, and avoid combining pieces of the same hue. Take heed of the trend in oversized clothing for women, and choose long, baggy cuts for a more contemporary take on denim-centric layering.

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Complete your layered look this winter with an extra-long, menswear-style jacket. Pair it with a knee-length jersey and brogues, or, if you feel like you’re drowning in fabric, heeled ankle boots and a crisp collared shirt. Embellish your outfit with a broad, boldly-patterned scarf, for a dramatically grand-scale effect. 

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Bundling up doesn’t have to be meticulous or somber: combine a pair of denim dungarees with a tight polo neck sweater and some leather pumps, for an effortless, playful take on seasonal layering. Switch out the denim for printed, corduroy or coloured dungarees if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Long, thick-knit cardigans are everywhere at the moment, and they’re a great asset for winter. Try wearing one of these instead of a conventional winter jacket: layer it over high-waisted pants, a vest or a tight-fitting turtleneck for a quirky, laissez-faire finish.

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